Digital ELP

Part of the work of the Engaged Listening Project (ELP) was to consider how the digital realm enhances or impedes open dialogue. The digital public sphere is what we make of it – it can feed polarization and stereotyping, but it can also build connection and facilitate understanding. In the midst of the global coronavirus pandemic, the digital public sphere was no longer just one place to connect – it was the only place. We thus supported students and faculty working to build connections and facilitate understanding in digital spaces.

  • The Off-Campus Podcast– Our student-run newspaper, the Middlebury Campus, launched a “remote storytelling project.” Read their stories here, and listen here.
  • Faculty at Home – while our expert faculty didn’t travel during the pandemic, they started sharing their wisdom online. Learn about the events and register for the webinars here.
  • Online Talks – our faculty fellows have used different formats to design campus talks. A few helpful practices are listed here.

Podcast: Opening Up

From controversial speakers to learning online, our episodes (click here) cover big themes at our liberal arts college.