The Off-Campus Podcast

Social distancing is good for public health but it hard for those of us used to the small residential college experience.  Our educational model is built around the idea that these close connections are necessary for dialogue and learning. Luckily, a lot of people are working to preserve and strengthen those connections.  Our student-run newspaper, the Middlebury Campus, is doing a particularly amazing job with their “Off-Campus Project.” 

We’re collaborating with the Campus newspaper to extend that project into the podcast realm, giving a platform to the voices of Middlebury. We’ll be posting the content here and through the Campus’ feeds. Please take a listen, reach out to these student journalists with your stories, and follow the good work that they are doing.

The Campus reporters are posting new episodes every week in summer 2020. You can access the “Opening Up” podcast feed on any of your favorite podcast apps like iTunes or Sticher. Our Libsyn page is here.

Many thanks to Jeremy Navarro, Caroline King, Sadie Housberg, Amelia Pollard, Cali Kapp, and Hattie LeFavour. Thanks also to Bochu Ding, Sabine Poux, and Emmanuel Tamrat for supporting this effort and campus dialogue more broadly. Brett Simison, producer.  Music by Kevin MacLeod at

Our first episode: Introducing the Off-Campus Podcast (April 2020)