Fall 2020 Faculty Fellows Talks

Carrie Anderson (Art History):

Two plates by Rembrandt masked and printed together in register, perhaps by Jean de Bary, early 18th c.

Thursday, October 8th at 5pm: Jun Nakamura, PhD Candidate at University of Michigan, Suzanne Andrée Curatorial Fellow in Prints at The Philadelphia Museum of Art

The Diachronic Print: Rembrandt’s Posthumous Interlocutors

Prints are a unique medium in that, through the repeated printing of a plate or block, prints index their own histories. Most of the prints that we have today from plates made in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries were likely pulled by hands not belonging to the artists who engraved, etched, and cut the plates themselves. Many, in fact, were printed posthumously, sometimes with interventions being made to the plates before reprintings by later artists and printers. The history of Rembrandt’s printing plates after the artist’s death is a fascinating one that has been outlined by Erik Hinterding, but this talk will focus on a few of Rembrandt’s posthumous printers, and how they engaged with the artist across time, through the medium of the diachronic printing plate. An examination of these prints will lead to broader discussions about authorship, artistic value, and the temporality of prints.

Location: Zoom, link provided below:

Join from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android: https://middlebury.zoom.us/j/95439089332?pwd=QlgvTElPaSs1TTNsNWlEdnp6U1ZpUT09
Password: 291066

Jason Mittell (Film and Media Studies):

Wednesday November 18th at 8pm: Dr. Kristen Warner from the University of Alabama will be giving a public talk on Zoom entitled “Can We Do Better than Plastic Representation? Seeing Blackness in Film & Television.”

Dr. Kristen Warner will then meet with Professor Mittell’s class to discuss some of her published works which they have been reading in class.